Published On: Sun, May 6th, 2018

Sadhvi Speaks in Kerala – Inundated with Hate Messages, Threats to Rape/Murder | Hindu Post

Sadhvi Saraswati, the president of the  Sanatan Dharma Prachar Seva Samiti, made a passionate speech against cow slaughter and Love Jihad, while addressing a Hindu Convention organized by VHP and attended by even Congress workers in Kerala on Friday. In response, her Facebook page was inundated with hate messages and open threats of rape & murder.

The sadhvi first called for girls to arm themselves to protect against sexual assault and Love Jihad. Love Jihad, i.e. the targeting of non-Muslim girls by radical Muslims for sexual grooming or conversion & marriage, is a phenomenon that has been a source of social tensions in North Kerala and neighbouring districts of Karnataka for over a decade now. Many other parts of the country, such as West UP, Bengal etc are also battling this problem.

The Love Jihad menace in Kerala rose to national prominence through several cases in which Hindu/Christian girls converted to Islam and married Muslim men after spending time in the controversial Islamic education centre ‘Sathya Sarani’ in Malappuram which is linked to Islamist organization PFI. Some of those girls later left the country and are reported to have joined terror group ISIS in Afghanistan and Syria.

Referring to the gory public slaughter of a calf by Kerala Youth Congress last year, the sadhvi said ““Now I would say something which might sound bitter or wrong… You all consider cow as your mother. If your mother is standing in junction and goons are teasing her, what would you do? But in Kerala, cows are publicly slaughtered. In front of your eyes… those who slaughter cow, they should also be slaughtered publicly.”

The mere presence of a  Hindu sadhvi in Kerala and her speaking against cow slaughter and Love Jihad led to a vitriolic response by the Islamist-Marxist lobby which dominates the discourse in Kerala. Soon, what followed on the sadhvi’s FB page and elsewhere on social media were threats of rape, murder, sexually explicit proposals, beef recipes, and abuses like “you are a cow-urine drinker with cow-dung in the head”. One of her FB posts has 15,000 such comments on it.

But this was not all – news outlets like The News Minute cheered the ugly verbal attack on the young sadhvi. The whole matter was presented as ‘progressive Keralites’ mocking a ‘regressive sadhvi’ – the rape & murder threats were completely censored, while the deeply offensive abuses & offer of beef to a Hindu ascetic were normalized.

This is how twitter exposed the hateful comments against the sadhvi & media’s double standards

One user highlighted that this is not the first time the sadhvi, who has been a public speaker since a very young age, has been sexually targeted by Islamists –

Others pointed out the hypocrisy that when an animal-rights group like PETA campaigns against beef and meat in general, no liberal would condone any attack against it like they are doing with the sadhvi.

Interestingly, The News Minute had recently reported on how a Malayalam actress had faced online criticism for eating beef on a show telecast during the Hindu festival of Onam. But the same news site is now cheering the far worse abuse being faced by a Hindu sadhvi for speaking against public cow slaughter!

Even after all the facts were brought forth, some ‘respected’ liberal voices continued to play dumb –

By the way, The News Minute is not the only media outlet which is encouraging the vicious trolling and harassment of the sadhvi. Besides the usual MSM outlets like Indian ExpressTimes of India etc., even a TV channel owned by a BJP RS MP couldn’t help but indulge in this naked display of Hindu bashing –

This episode again highlights the level of hate and contempt for Hindus in Bharat today. The uncomfortable truth is that Hindus enjoy very little freedom of speech in their one & only homeland, while their opponents control the country’s establishment and have the backing of powerful international networks.

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