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Islamic Human Trafficking Racket Busted in Kerala. | Hindu Existence

Islamic Human Trafficking Racket Busted in Kerala.

Organised Human Trafficking Takes Place in Kerala to felicitate the lust and debauchery of Arab Sheikhs and Muslim clerics. Hindu and Christian girls are targeted as preferential choice of them for ‘Halal Defloration’.

HENB | Kochi | Feb 4, 2016:: All things are allowed in Islam if it is name in the name Allah and dedicated to Muhammad. The Islamic Harem, Henchmen, Hatred all are accepted in a very Halal way in Muslim society. Say it one thing, show another and sow the seed of Islam and reap it for Jihad. For its good cultivation you can plough your field of life with highest perversion.

Now, an Islamic Human Trafficking Racket busted in Kerala.  Organised Human Trafficking takes Place in Kerala to felicitate the lust and debauchery of Arab Sheikhs and Muslim clerics. Hindu and Christian girls are targeted as preferential choice of them for ‘Halal Defloration’. Some Muslims girls and women are also chosen for these rackets, but mainly they are deployed as recruiter for this rackets to trap their Hindu and Christian friends, neighbors, familiars and the targeted one.

“The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probing various cases of human trafficking incidents in Kerala found that organised trafficking of people to gulf countries with assistance of public servant took place through airports here. CBI mentioned this in chargesheets filed at CBI Court in two cases of human trafficking incidents from Nedumabassery Airport involving Sub Inspector of Kerala police, his brother-an Excise Department official and two person running travel agency in Mathilakom in Trissur.

The chargesheets were filed against A H Safeer alias Abdul Jabbar Habeeba Beevi Safeer who served as Sub Inspector of Kerala police, P A Niyaz, co-owner Dear Travel, Mathilakom, Trissur, P K Shajahan, co-owner Dear Travel and A H Sajeer, Civil Excise Officer-brother of first accused A H Safeer.

CBI stated, Safeer attached with emigration wing at Nedumbassery Airport allegedly took bribe and facilitated safe passage of people without valid documents to gulf countries. Safeer native of Poovachal in Thiruvananthapuram was deputed at Nedumbassery Airport from June 2009 to July 2012. For facilitating human trafficking, Niyaz and Shajahan allegedly paid Rs 1.28 lakhs and Rs 46,500. The amount was sent to the bank account to the bank account of Sajeer. CBI charged accused under IPC sections 120(b)(conspiracy) and section 109 (abetment) and various sections under Prevention of Corruption Act.

CBI investigation revealed that several rackets have been involved behind human trafficking incidents.

These rackets were receiving aide from police men attached with immigration wing at airports were involved in such illegal activities. “In some of the cases, the official of Kerala police who had worked in the emigration wing in the airport and later repatriated to their parent department continued to keep their contact with travel agents and acted as intermediaries to facilitate emigration clearance,”CBI chargesheet stated. The CBI also remarked about improper way of deputing officials in emigration wing and negligently handling its operation which was a reason for large number of human trafficking incidents from Kerala till 2012.

The CBI is probing a series of cases with regard to various human trafficking incidents including the women transported to brothels in gulf countries. Several policemen who worked with emigration department were arrested by CBI. Kingpins of the sex racket with the assistance of police in gulf countries were later booked by CBI”.

It is seen how the Muslim Police official and their kin in another Govt department is involved in such a human trafficking racket meant for flesh trade, smuggling and allegedly connected with the feminine Jihad under Burka. The probability of brainwashing for these trafficked girls for a bloody Jihad cannot be subsided anyway viewing the current trends in Middle East, gulf countries, the Arabic world and the areas of Islamic States.Going to an Islam heaven

Arab, the ideal land of Islam, Muhammad, Mecca and Medina are also know for its richness of oil trade and the great lavish life styles of Arab Sheikhs and rich-men studded with harem, belly dance, narcotics, wines, polygamy, debauchery and so on.

Rich men and Sheikhs in  Arab and other oil rich Islamic countries frequently indulge into marriage contracts with non-Arabic girls, even minor (so what, Muhammad tied a knot with Aeysha in her 6 yrs of age, had sex with her (penetrated) at 9 yrs and most probably went to Mufa’khathat i.e. Thighing unto ejaculation in between!) girls mostly being trafficked from Indian subcontinent and Africa.

“Halal defloration” (converting the non Muslim minor-girls into Islam before breaking their virginity) is a very enjoyable practice to the Arab perverts in the gulf countries.

Islamic State Jihadis have also started two finger virginity test for the abducted and captive (Sex slaves) Yazidi and other non Muslim girls in of sake Allah, Muhammad, Islam and their State.

Islamic Human Trafficking Racket Busted in Kerala. | Struggle for Hindu Existence.

Source: Islamic Human Trafficking Racket Busted in Kerala. | Hindu Existence

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