Published On: Thu, Feb 23rd, 2017

Didi has to see many more CMRI and Liladevi School attacks by her loving Jihadi brothers in WB until it is Pachim Bangladesh! – Hindu Existence

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Kolkata | Feb 22, 2017:: When the students and teachers of Liladevi Memorial Institute, a junior high school sponsored by the state govt at  Dashadrone in the  area of Rajarhat under greater Kolkata, reached their school on saturday morning, were completely shocked with a scene of devastation. Some of them were shocked to senseless and most the children started crying inconsolably.

An army of 80 Jihadi men apparently sent by a Muslim developer smashed the roof of a two-storey school in Baguiati in an overnight operation in the wee hours of Saturday, obviously flexing the muscle power as boosted with the steroid of appeasement and vote bank politics .

One of the walls of Liladevi Memorial Institute in Dashadrone was partially demolished and the roof was smashed in a way as if a big explosion was occurred. Students could not take their annual exams Saturday morning and had to return home crying as most of the classrooms were full of debris and broken furnitures.

This was certainly a world record that a govt sponsored school running for 20 yrs, not in any war zone or not in any havoc social unrest, was demolished by a group of Muslim labourers led by a Muslim antisocial named Mizanur Rahaman. And this record was helped to set by none other than the Jihadi didi, the Islamist CM of West Bengal whose indulgence was the main inspiration of her Jihadi brothers to commit such nefarious nuisance in the  campus of education.

Though, one of the commanders of Jihadi didi and State Education Minister Partha Chatterjee condemned the attack on Education campus with  such a vandalism and destruction, he could not help her CM by attaching the penalty of destruction to Jihadi mob anyway. This was a same story of Jihadi vandalism in Calcutta Medical Research Institute (CMRI)+, one of the prime private medical unit where the common people saw another mayhem on Feb 15, with a loss of invaluable medical apparatus and infrastructure involving crores of rupees.

“The promoter has done a heinous act. No one can demolish a school in this manner. If there is any controversy regarding the ownership of a property, the promoter should move court. He cannot attack the school like this,” Partha Chatterjee said when he went to Liladevi Memorial Institute.

The junior high school on Rajarhat Main Road, close to the Chinar Park crossing, has been operating out of a rented building since 1997. The school offers education up to Class VIII and has 450 poor and middle class students.

Police have arrested the developer, Mizanur Rahaman, based on a complaint filed by the school authorities.

“I reached the school around 6.30am after getting to know of the demolition,” Kaushik Bhattacharya, the headmaster, said.

“I saw Mizanur Rehman standing in front of the school with some of his men. When I asked him about the demolition, he told me that I could do whatever I wanted to. He said he had bought everyone in the administration and none could do anything to him.”

Abu Hassan, the owner of the building, sold it to Rehman in 2014, Bhattacharya said. “In a meeting with us, Rehman had agreed to bear the cost of the plot where we would relocate the school. Rehman gave us Rs 20 lakh for a plot we found in the same area,” he said.

The police said trouble started last September when Rehman asked the school authorities to vacate the building immediately.

“Since the plan and mutation were yet to be completed, we could not start construction on the new plot,” Bhattacharya said.

Students and teachers later blocked Rajarhat Main Road for some time on Saturday to protest the demolition.

According to a police source, days after chief minister Mamata Banerjee had spoken tough against the vandalism and asked for a detailed enquiry, the special branch has submitted evidences including a CCTV footage that shows the sub inspector meeting the promoter Mizanur Rahman a day before the vandalism. The source said one Tamal Sarkar, a Sub Inspector of Police had allegedly met Rahman without knowledge of the inspector in charge of the Baguiati Police Station and had given him an assurance to go ahead with the vandalism and handle the case if any trouble occurs. However,  Sarkar was suspended on Wednesday after special branch officers submitted a report accordingly.

The state  school education department has already disbursed Rs 5 lakh for the reconstruction work of the school under the instruction of the CM.

It is clear from the statement and the stand of CM WB that she is totally engulfed by such a Jihadi force that she could not help herself to keep her words to attach penalty amount involving the loss of public property under any vandalism as the culprits of CMRI and the Liladevi Memorial Institute were all Jihadi Muslims. How can the Jihadi Didi Mamata Banerjee, the ‘Modi hatao’ CM can attach penalty to her Muslim brothers?

It’s a reality in West Bengal that Mamata Banerjee is a puppet of Jihadi force in West Bengal and she is proceeding towards an Islamisation of the state very unfortunately.

Jihadi waves have just reached Kolkata in  Liladevi Memorial Institute or Calcutta Medical Research Institute. Rural Bengal is seeing the riots and Jihadi attacks here and there at Deganga-Canning-Usthi-Kulpi-Kaliachak-Islampur-Naihati-Dhola-Panchla-Khagragarh-Samudragarh-Dhulagarh. The list is unending and unreported. But, all these are just set in a trailer.

Think now, how these Jihadi forces have captured the police and administration of West Bengal, for that a Govt sponsored school were being vandalized in greater Kolkata for a long three hours (1 am to 4 pm) and the total police and administration were put in a mystery mirage of Ma-Mati-Manush as calibrated by Didi.

The eyewash and balm therapy of WB CM have been exposed totally. The world entrepreneurs and big houses started rethinking about another face of Mamata Banerjee as a sympathiser of Bengal Jihad line.  If not changed her muslim mindset and vote bank policy, Didi has to see many more CMRI and Liladevi School attacks by her loving Jihadi brothers in WB until this state comes completely under the grab of Radical Muslims.

But, we can’t say that WB CM has lost all her conscience and morality.  She must check the Jihadi reality in Bengal and act accordingly to prevent ‘Break and Smash’ (bhenge dao-gunriye dao) policy of some people advancing for a ‘Paschim Bangladesh’!


__news input from, Huffpost, TT & TOI.

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