HYDERABAD: Burglars struck at Maisamma temple in Polkampalli village, Ibrahimpatnam, late on Sunday night and stole a hundi. They later broke it and took the donations made by devotees.

The Ibrahimpatnam police said on Sunday night that the temple authorities had locked the door of the place of worship. On Monday morning, when the priest went to the temple he found that the door lock had been broken and the hundi missing. Temple authorities scoured the surrounding areas and found the hundi prised open nearby, but the cash inside was missing.
“The temple authorities are not sure how much cash was there in the hundi. Last week, there was a local festival and a large number of devotees tuned up at the temple and made offerings and donations,” Ibrahimpatnum subinspector G Nagaraju said.
According to police, someone aware about the developments at the temple might have carried out the burglary. There were no CCTV cameras located nearby. Police collected fingerprints from the location and an investigation was on to identify the culprits.