A Bangladeshi lawyer has clarified that contrary to reports, he has not sought Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s help to take up the issue of safety and security of Hindus in Bangladesh with the government here.

“The report published in different media quoting me as saying I sought Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s intervention to ensure Bangladesh’s minority communities’ security is not true,” Advocate Rana Dashgupta said.

“At no stage I made any comment pointing out the name of the Indian Premier and seeking his intervention to overcome the existing situation,” Dashgupta, also the General Secretary of Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council, said in a statement.

“We strongly believe it is the responsibility of the State and Government of Bangladesh to ensure the security of Bangladesh’s people,” Dashgupta said.

Bangladesh has recently witnessed a series of brutal attacks on minority Hindus, secular rights activists and bloggers by suspected Islamists.



Source: Attack on Hindus: Bangladesh lawyer says he has not sought Modi’s help | The Indian Express