New Delhi: A days after the devastating terror attack in Dhaka by Islamists militants, celebrated Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen on Sunday said that “it’s time people should stop saying Islam is a religion of peace”.

She claimed that all the terrorists involved in the Dhaka attack were educated and belonged to rich families and rubbished the arguments that poverty makes somebody a terrorist.

On Friday, 20 people, mostly foreigners, including an Indian, were killed when militants stormed a bakery in Dhaka’s diplomatic enclave frequented by Westerners.

Bangladesh has announced a two-day national mourning after the attack, which was condemned by the world leaders.

Taslima has not been living in India since 1994. The author has received death threats from extremist groups linked to al Qaeda.

Source: After Dhaka massacre, Taslima Nasreen says stop saying Islam religion of peace | Zee News