Published On: Wed, Feb 17th, 2016

500 jihadis attack Hindus at Navatand (Dhanbad), 10 seriously injured

Is Dhanbad in India or in Pakistan ? It is hoped that the Government would take action against the constant attacks on Hindus in this country ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

Taken revenge for constructing temple in village

  • Repetition of Malda incident
  • Idol of Deity damaged
  • Hindus’ houses attacked
  • Women and children beaten up
  • Unpardonable ignorance shown by media towards this incident

Dhanbad (Jharkhand) : It has become very difficult for Hindus to live in places where fanatics are in majority. It has recently come to light that in Navatand village in Dhanbad district, more than 500 fanatics attacked Hindus. They desecrated Deity’s idol in temple, attacked Hindus’ houses and even beat up women and children. While leaving, the fanatics also threatened Hindus to leave the village in 24 hours or be ready to die. Ten Hindus have been seriously injured in the attack and are being treated in a hospital. Even after such serious incident, no media have even reported the news in past one month.

1. In Navatand village, there are 300 families of Muslims and only 20 families of Hindus. Since there was no temple in this village, local Hindus constructed a temple few days back in a private place. Muslims had opposed this.

2. On 16th January, local residents were performing ‘aarti’ in this temple in the evening when hundreds of fanatics reached there, raising slogans of ‘Allah-o-Akbar’ and attacked Hindus. Few people ran away from the place but few were caught by fanatics and brutally beaten up.

3. A local resident named Jitu Mahato lodged a complaint with the police in this regard; after which police arrested 17 persons but the mastermind of the attack is still at large. This incident seems to be similar to the one which took place in Malda.

4. The enraged local residents, under the aegis of ‘Tarun Hindu’, a Hindu organization staged demonstrations on 26th January protesting against police and Government administration in front of District Collector’s office at Dhanbad; demanding immediate arrests of the guilty. A representation was submitted to the Government under the initiative of Dr. N. M. Das, the President of ‘Tarun Hindu’ organization.

5. Not a single newspaper has bothered to report this news barring one or two exceptions.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti


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