Published On: Tue, Mar 7th, 2017

Traditional dances of tribes | Telangana Today

The third day of Octave festival was a delight to the eyes. Dancers from the Northeast enthralled the audience with their performances. The amphitheatre reverberated with drum beats and other traditional instruments of various tribes of the Northeast.

The programme kickstarted with Kha shad Kheit Soh, a traditional dance of Meghalaya, whose theme revolved around the plucking of orchards. Dressed in golden attire and ornaments, the performers danced to the tunes with enthusiasm and grace which caught the attention of the audience.

As the show progressed, the more audience walked to find a place to get a glimpse of the performers and their performances. Lined up next was the Manipuri performance, Maibi Jogi where the young girls spread some divinity through their act. Performed usually during festivals, this act focuses on the process of creation, construction of temples, houses and various professions that sustain their way of life. In short, the dance is the story of the Meitei people.

The viewers also got a glimpse of their martial arts. Performers as young as 15 showed off their exceptional sword moves.

Then came the cute little boys and girls of Assam to showcase their regional roots through a dance performance. Titled Kabri, this act permeates every aspect of their life. There are a few verses like Lunse Keplang that immortalise their divine musician Rangsina Sarpo. Dressed in green and black attire, the performers overwhelmed the viewers with their act.

The show ended with a beautiful performance by a group from Arunachal Pradesh. Young girls who looked like dolls moved their hands and feet gracefully to the musical tunes. Traditional Apatani folk dance was loved by the audience the most. This particular dance form focuses on the daily chores of the tribe and how they enjoy at the end of the day.

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