State Gallery of Art, Madhapur is hosting an art expo ‘Tanjore Workshop and Painting Exhibition’, and workshop as a part of the upcoming International Women’s Day, March 8.  The expo was inaugurated by S Vani Devi, Principal, SV College of Fine Arts.

Artist K Prahlad, from Nellore District, says that he is interested in art since his childhood. “I am doing regular art shows after my retirement from South Central Railways as a Chief Medical Director.  Till now I did 30 solo shows. But I like to art since my childhood.

Usually, I use water colours and oil paintings on canvas. Our team is researching on paintings of water colours on canvas, a medium to present the art forms in a new way,” says artist Prahlad.

“In this 10-day workshop and painting exhibition, we will sell and also help people to make Tanjore paintings. People always believe that they had good days if they put goddess’s paintings in homes. Here we have paintings of goddesses Lakshmi, Saraswati, Durgamma and more. As a part of the Women’s Day I portrayed most of my paintings on mother and children relationship,” he adds.

Speaking at the art expo, S Vani Devi said, “Every artist has to know the beauty of nature. In Thanjavur paintings, we can see the influence of Deccani, Vijayanagara and Maratha styles of painting. Episodes from Hindu Puranas are also depicted in these paintings.  Thanjavur has a rich cultural heritage. When I was in school, my teacher used to tell me the greatness of these paintings.”

“Many people buy these paintings as a symbol of fortunate. Most of the times, people believe that these paintings are real gods. I’m very happy for this exhibition for making paintings on mother and children relationship as a part of Women’s day,” she added.