Published On: Tue, Feb 14th, 2017

Vedic Patasala on Cauvery bank

A humble effort in the propagation of the Vedas has developed into a mission for this scholar. Sri Gururama Ghanapadigal, who has five young disciples, is engaged in the task of raising a building for Sri Mantra Peeteswari Veda Gurukulam, on the banks of the Cauvery in Kumbakonam.

“I always wanted to teach and was doing that after completing my studies,” says the 37-year old pandit, who has been a Veda Adhyapaka for the past 15 years. Hailing from Unjalur village near Karur, Sri Ghanapadigal, son of a school teacher, had initial training in Chennai and went to Palakkadu for higher studies.

“It was my guru, who motivated me to adopt disciples for tutelage. He said that the children should grow up in the right atmosphere without distractions. That’s the only way in which they will imbibe the lifestyle that a practitioner should follow,” explains Sri Gururam, Salakshana Ghanapadigal. A formidable task for a man in Chennai with a mother, young wife and child to support.

But he decided to make the move. To go away from Chennai, which offered lucrative scope for pandits, well versed in both Veda and Sastra. He chose a spot near the Cauvery and hired a house to which he shifted. For the past 18 months, the five students have integrated into the family of the guru, who leads by example.

Two of them are already learning Ghanam lessons.

“It is a sacrifice that parents make for a cause. Having trained in a gurukulam, I know the feelings on both sides and therefore was aware of the responsibility it places on the guru and his family,” says the ghanapadigal, who has been blessed by the Acharyas of both Kanchi and Sringeri. “My wife showers maternal affection on them and my daughter does not wish to enjoy any privileges that her brothers do not,” he adds.

The fulfilment has prompted Sri Gururama Ghanapadigal to find a bigger place to continue his mission. Land close to his present residence was acquired and construction is on. Thanks to bank loan and philanthropic friends, the project has taken off but funds are needed to complete the construction.

Contributions for Sri Mantra Peeteswari Trust may be sent to Sri Mantra Peeteswari Veda Gurukulam, 136-C, Fourth Padithurai, Kumbakonam, 612 001.

Bank details: Name: Sri Mantra Peeteswari Veda Gurukulam

Bank: City Union Bank

Branch: Chennai Ashok Nagar

SB Account No,: 500101011076680

IFSCode: CIUB00001030

For more details contact Sri Sarma Sastrigal, Trustee, Sri Mantra Peeteswari Veda Gurukulam. Phone: 9444380973 Email:[email protected] gmail.comwebsite: www.mantrapeeteswari. com

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