Acharya Shyamji Upadhay, a lawyer from Varanasi has been arguing and drafting his legal cases in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language.

While many believe that Sanskrit is a dead and defunct language, Upadhyay refuses to accept that as a final word and also continues to teach Sanskrit to students who line up to be taught by him.

In fact, the judges too are impressed by his perseverance and enthusiasm and often render their judgment or ruling in either Sanskrit or Hindi.

Having begun this mission in 1978, he has written about 60 novels in Sanskrit and has been awarded ‘Sanskrit Mitram’ by the Human Resource and Development Ministry in 2003.

According to Acharya Shyamji, he is the only lawyer in the nation who has been practicing in Sanskrit for the last 38 years and therefore he wants his name to be registered in the Guinness Book of World Records.


Source: This Varanasi Lawyer Has Been Practising in Sanskrit For 38 Years – The Quint