Published On: Sat, Aug 6th, 2016

Restoring the glory of an ancient temple – Tirunelveli – The Hindu

The historic town of Thirukadaiyur, located about 300 km from Chennai, is where the popular Sri Amirthaghateswarar temple, which is closely associated with Sri Markandeya and also Sri Abirami Bhattar, is located. Many prefer this shrine for performing the ‘Sasthiabdhapoorthy’ (60th rituals) as it is believed that the couple will be blessed with a healthy life. But not many are aware of another temple nearby, dedicated to Sri Amirtha Narayana Perumal, who is seen in a sitting posture. It is here that Lord Narayana solemnised the wedding of Amirthaghateswarar with Abirami. The temple is now in a state of disrepair with the presiding deities being shifted to a corner in front of the temple.

Legend has it that Sri Abirami emerged out of the jewels of Sri Amirthanarayana Perumal. This shrine has enclosures for Raghu and Kethu. It is said that Raghu and Kethu worshipped the Lord here for liberating them from the sins that they had committed by stealing the holy nectar (amirtham) from the Thirupparkadal. Those who wish to ward off the malefic effects of these planets worship Sri Amirtha Narayana Perumal.

Sri Mahalakshmi is hailed as Sri Amirthanayaki Thayar. The presiding deity is seen in a sitting posture. His left hand is in the ‘Ahvanam’ posture (invitation posture) and His right in ‘Abhayahastham.’ Plans were afoot to reconstruct the shrine and balalayam was performed about two years ago. Paucity of funds has stalled the reconstruction work.

For contributions contact 98435 68356.

The temple is under the maintenance of the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department.

The locals await action by officials who inspected the temple to restore the glory of this ancient shrine.

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