Published On: Fri, Feb 17th, 2017

Prema Designs (USA) withdraws products denigrating Hindu Deities after HJS protest

Hindus need to offer gratitude at the feet of Bhagavan Shrikrushna for this success !

Pictures of Hindu Deities, Shri Ganesh and Bhagavan Shiva were printed on the leggings of a company named Prema designs from USA with business of online sales. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) wrote a letter to the company demanding immediate withdrawal of such clothing to prevent insult of Deities because the clothes are thrown anyhow after wearing. Hindus were appealed to register protest in lawful manner. Many ‘Hindutvavadis’ registered their protest through emails and ‘Twitter’ etc as a result, Prema Designs has withdrawn from market, leggings with pictures of Hindu Deities.

Online shopping portal Prema designs denigrates Hindu Deities by printing them on leggings

We at Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) have received several complaints from devout Hindus regarding the way various revered Hindu Deities including Shri Ganesh and Shiv and the use of Yoga Asanas (poses) are printed on various clothing products such as leggings on “prema designs” shopping portal:

Please note that there are two companies with same name as Prema Designs. So please take care while protesting as

1 .If you are protesting on twitter use @prema_designs (this twitter handle has a ‘lotus’ logo) and not @premadesigns

2. If you are protesting via mailing, use email as – ‘[email protected]‘ and not ‘[email protected]

Please see below the images of “Shri Ganesh” and “Shiv” on Leggings (The appeal letter explaining the denigration is published towards the end of this page.) –

Upon reviewing the clothing items, HJS team immediately notified and appealed to the owners of the business requesting them to remove the denigrating products on which Hindu Deities and Yoga Asanas are printed. In the appeal, HJS explained how printing of the Hindu Deities wrongly on clothing products for increasing sales and profits are not only hurting the sentiments of Hindus but also setting a wrong precedence for others to follow the unrighteous path and sadly society will be deprived from knowing the importance and significance of the Hindu Deities. The appeal letter also clarified that once the clothing is worn out, it will be thrown in a dustbin thus, resulting in mockery of the Deities.

The HJS team has not received any response from the ‘prema designs’ management team. Consequently, HJS now requests all readers to appeal against this appalling denigration peacefully and lawfully by either writing an email or calling the number below requesting to remove the denigrating clothing items from their shopping portal and not to make such denigrating products in the future.

Alert Hindus are registering protest on the following address :

Email: [email protected]

Twitter : @prema_designs

Tel: +1 (504) 810-2341

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