Published On: Wed, Feb 10th, 2016

More than 3000 Hindus attend Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha at Akola

Akola : Hindus are facing ideological terrorism of the progressive factions every day in India along with jihadi terrorism of ISIS. It is a very serious matter. All Hindus need to unite in retaliation, stated Sanatan Sanstha’s ‘Pujya’ Nandkumar Jadhav during Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha held at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Kreedangan, Tapadianagar in Akola. Shri. Sunil Ghanavat, the State Coordinator of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) and Kum. Rageshree Deshapnde of its ‘Ranaragini’ Division shared the dais with him.

The ‘sabha’ was started with lighting of lamp by ‘Pujya’ Nandkumar Jadhav. Shri. Sunil Ghanavat garlanded the statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Shri. Shrikant Pisolkar, Vidarbh-Coordinator of HJS explained the background of HJS. The ‘sabha’ was compeered by Kum. Madhavi Chore and Kum. Puja Jadhav.

Come together as Hindus for establishment of Hindu Rashtra !

‘Pujya’ Nandkumar Jadhav said that ban is not imposed on few political parties despite many crimes have been proved to be committed by their members; but there is constant demand to ban Sanatan Sanstha which imparts Dharmashikshan. We give fight at ideological level and in lawful manner; therefore, are we terrorists ? He explained in brief how 6 Sanatan seekers were harassed by police in connection with Margao bomb blast case and their acquittal. He said that the condition of judicial system in the country was most pathetic and righteous Hindu Rashtra would be the only solution to such unjust situation. All Hindus must forget their caste-creed, Sects, parties etc., unite as Hindus and take active part in establishing Hindu Rashtra, was the appeal made by him to all participants.

Hindus should take an oath to prevent their women from falling prey to love jihad ! – Kum. Rageshree Deshpande, Ranaragini Division

Ranaragini Division’s Kum. Rageshree Deshpande spoke on the subject of need for Hindu Rashtra and solutions. She said that in Rama-rajya, women were not scared to go out even at midnight wearing gold ornaments; but now, women cannot travel even in buses or auto rickshaws. There are devils who want to rape even Bharatmata; therefore, small girls and women are insecure in this country. Lack of Dharmashikshan and lack of Dharmacharan is leading to girls getting caught in the clutches of love jihad. Hindu women should attend Dharmahsikshan classes and get trained in self-defence for increasing their physical, mental and spiritual strength.

Secularists are intolerant towards acclamation of Hindu Rashtra ! – Sunil Ghanavat, HJS

Demand for Hindu Rashtra is not a recent demand. It was the goal of RSS. Swa. Savarkar too called himself as convener of Hindu Rashtra; but progressive factions oppose when Hindus make even a mention of Hindu Rashtra. We should be so proud of Hindu Dharma that if a Muslim is passing by this ground, he should remove his cap because Hindus’ meeting is going on here. We should not be afraid of anyone since we have blessings of Bhagavn Shrikrushna. We have to fulfill the dream of undivided Hindustan envisioned by Swa. Savarkar and ‘Hindu-rhuday Samrat’ Shri. Balasaheb Thackeray.


1. H.B.P. Hiralal Maharaj, H.B.P. Sarangdhar Maharaj, H.B.P. Supda Maharaj , H.B.P. Nivrutti Maharaj Mate, H.B.P. Tulsidas Maharaj, H.B.P. Mohan Maharaj graced the ‘sabha’ with their presence.

2. Representatives and members of Bajarang Dal, ‘Gou-seva Prakalp’, Warakari Sampradaya, VHP, Arjun Samaj Ganeshotsava Mandal, Mawal Gou-seva Shala, RSS, Shiva-pratishthan Hindustan etc. attended the ‘sabha’.

3. Meeting held after ‘sabha’ was attended by several Hindus from surrounding villages and they showed interest in holding such ‘sabhas’ at their places; extending invitation to HJS.

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