Published On: Fri, Aug 5th, 2016

Fakir Chandra From Bareilly Takes His 101 Yr Old Mother On ‘Kanwar Yatra’ To Haridwar

All of us listened about the Shravan Kumar in Purans that Shravan Kumar took his blind parents on pilgrimage on his shoulders.

It is amazing in the Kalyug that some one takes his mother on this type of journey.

Fakir Chandra is today’s Shravan kumar. Fakir chandra takes his mother 101 years old on Kanwar Yatra from Bareilly to Haridwar on his shoulders. Everyone is surprised to see the Maternal devotion of Fakir Chandra.

Every one is praising of Fakir Chandra.

In today’s era, no one can take care of old parents. They left their old parents in the Vridh Ashram.

Fakir Chandra who loves his mother very much, is the example for the society.


Fakir Chandra had left the all pleasure of life and became saint. Fakir Chandra’ mother Bhagwati Devi is 101 years old.

According to Fakir Chandra, he said that I want to take my mother to pilgrimage, but he wants to give the good message to the society also.

That’s why, he took the decision to take his mother on pilgrimage on his shoulders. An youth Tej Prakash is helping him in his Kanwar Yatra to Haridwar.

Fakir Chandra started his Yatra from 28th July 2016.

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