Published On: Fri, Nov 18th, 2016

Diet Pepsi is a toilet cleaner, throw them out: Baba Ramdev

In an exclusive interview with ET Now, Baba Ramdev , Founder, Patanjali Ayurveda , discusses his plans for the future and how he is going to take on the big player. Edited excerpts: ET Now: What are your plans?

Baba Ramdev: We will come out with an alternative for refined oil, physical refined oil, and it will be a big venture.

ET Now: When?

Baba Ramdev: At the end of this month. And the most interesting part of this whole venture is, we will not come out with palm oil and chemical refined oil. Most of oil manufacturer use 50 to 90 per cent palm oil. The rate of palm oil in the market is Rs 40 per litre but you cannot purchase raw material for good quality oil for less than Rs 100 per litre. Then include the cost of packaging, transportation and taxes. So good quality oil will cost between Rs 100 and 150.

ET Now: But what about you production? What will be the pricing like?

Baba Ramdev: We will not sell this oil for profit. We barely get 2 to 3 per cent. So it will come as a big shock to all big players of edible oil in the Indian market.

ET Now: Who, according to you, are the big players?

Baba Ramdev: I will not quote any name here. We will also come up with a chooran (powder) for better digestion and that brand will become worth around Rs 500 crore a year. It will be based on a different formula and people will use only two grams, not a full spoon. I told you about only two products. We are also going to launch a glass cleaner and a floor cleaner.

And we have one more product, and don’t get shocked if its turnover reaches around Rs 400-500 crore by next year. My slogan is – Gao apnayen, Gao mata ko katalkhano me jaane se bachayen (adopt the cow and save her from slaughterhouses). I assume you also use some of Patanjali products?

ET Now: I just started…

Baba Ramdev: So check, you will save at least 25 to 50 per cent. Like shampoo…what is the price of Patanjali Shampoo? I assume Rs 75. And if you purchase any herbal shampoo manufactured by any MNC it will cost you around Rs 125 to Rs 150. So you will save not only 50 per cent of the cost but will also get healthier hair. Now I’m talking about hair oil. People are playing a dirty game in the name of hair oil. Everyone uses mineral oil, and what is the rate of mineral oil? Rs 30 per litre, and it is nothing, just a petroleum product. Bu we use Til oil and 21 herbals.

ET Now: Which brands you are talking about?

Baba Ramdev: Most brands are doing it. They play a dirty game in the name of hair oil. These people are playing with the life of common people.

ET Now: You said you are planning to manufacture Swadeshi jeans. Everyone wants to know what is the meaning of Swadeshi jeans? What will be the difference between other brands and Patanjali jeans?

Baba Ramdev: Jeans is nothing but Khadi.

ET Now: But sir, jeans means denim, doesn’t it?

Baba Ramdev: And what is denim? Denim is just a cotton cloth, and they colour it in different shades and colours.

ET Now: OK.

Baba Ramdev: We will colour it organically. We will also create jeans for ladies. We will create jeans for boys and kids.

ET Now: But how will it appear different?

Baba Ramdev: We will try to dye it in natural colours.

ET Now: For example?

Baba Ramdev: For example, haldi is a source of colour. Many herbals are sources of natural colours. We can use different plants to produce different colours. So this will be a fashion with passion, because we will take care of our values and interests. We will not produce only jeans but our textile industry will be…

ET Now: Shocked?

Baba Ramdev: From night dress to daily wear to undergarments to track suit, yoga wear… I’m planning a huge collection of garments. For example, foreign companies are selling khadi. It’s our campaign to get a new freedom, to get economic freedom in our county.

ET Now: I assume many MNCs are worried, but in many cases they overcome their problems and come back again. For example, Nestle has gained back market share.

Baba Ramdev: Earlier, we didn’t have capacity. Now we have started building the capacity so people will divert automatically. We have four variants for our aata noddles, and we will come up with six-seven more variants. We are also coming up with namkeen (salty snacks).

ET Now: Like Halidram?

Baba Ramdev: Not like that…

ET Now: OK.

Baba Ramdev: Diet namkeen. Healthy namkeen.

ET Now: Like Pepsi?

Baba Ramdev: Diet Pepsi is a toilet cleaner…don’t talk about them. We have to throw them out like the British. Actually we should throw out these MNCs, because Coca Cola, Pepsi, Thumbs Up, Seven Up, burger or pizza, all products are bad for the health.

ET Now: You are against global companies and MNCs, but you know Narendra Modiji is attracting global investors for India. He is encouraging investment in India and you are saying to drag out the MNCs?

Baba Ramdev: They should invest here but why don’t they invest in service for the people of this country?

ET Now: But they are businesses?

Baba Ramdev: Of course, if they are making money then why don’t they serve people? I’m saying Patanjali will make 100% profit for services. They should commit like that.

ET Now: But you are a Swamiji, they are not.

Baba Ramdev: Who?

ET Now: MNCs. They are doing business.

Baba Ramdev: So if you are doing business then it means you will collect money for heaven? Earn here and spend on the welfare of the people of this country. I decided on an ideology for Patanjanli. We have already started units in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africa and Nepal. We will use the money [earned there] for those countries only. We will not use that in India.

ET Now: So Patanjali will soon become an MNC?

Baba Ramdev: Patanjali will become an MNC, but for the country and the people.

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