Published On: Wed, Aug 3rd, 2016

Devotees innovate their eco-friendly Ganesh idols |DNA

Eco-friendly Ganpati idols, made up of various materials, are becoming the trend every year. Many devotees come up with various ideas to make their idols environment friendly.

For the past 28 years, a housing society in Mulund has been making eco-friendly idols using unique ideas. Last year, they made Ganpati idols out of sports material using badminton rackets, playing balls, shuttlecocks, etc.

Talking about this year’s idea, Kalpesh Lodaya said, “This year we are coming up with the message to save water. We use recycled materials to make the idols as well as decorate the mandal. We will be featuring more about water conservation.”

The Shrinivas Ganeshotsav Mandal will be making a 3.5 feet idol using recyclable products. Over 10 members from the housing society contribute to the festival, to make it environment friendly.

While another resident of Santacruz, Rintu Rathod, not only makes eco-friendly idols but also teaches other citizens to do the same.

This year too, Rathod will be making a chocolate idol, for celebrations at home. She prefers to make the Ganesh idol on the globe. Speaking about the message she want to give out, Rathod said, “I want to give out a message that if we love God, we should also love his creation. We should save the environment to save our earth. I will be making a 5-feet idol this year.”

On the day of immersion, Rathod will be immersing the idol in milk and then distribute the milk to the under privileged kids. “We take around 95 litres of milk to immerse the 35 kg chocolate idol. Later we travel across various areas of the city to distribute the milk as prasad to the less privileged people.”

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