Published On: Tue, Oct 25th, 2016

Be Indian, buy Indian this Diwali, RSS tells GuruGram

The Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) cadre in Gurugram are distributing local-made earthen diyas and urging people not to buy Chinese goods. They started the drive of distributing diyas door-to-door on Saturday and will continue till Diwali.

The cadre are urging residents to say no to Chinese diyas, firecrackers, lights etc and buy Indian products only. Earlier, several traders associations and labour unions in Gurugram are boycotting Chinese products.

Along with 20 diyas in every household, the cadre are also distributed a pamphlet carrying the message of the importance of buying local made products and reasons for shunning Chinese goods. In two days, they claim to have distributed more than 3,000 diyas in several areas of old Gurugram.

Other local branches of the Sangh are also planning to distribute diyas from Monday onwards. An RSS cadre from Arjun Nagar, Amarjeet, said they would distribute diyas in morning and evening.

“Through this drive we want to support the Indian industry. There are emotional reasons too, as China is supporting Pakistan which is sending terrorists into Indian territory. We are making people aware about the long-term economic and strategic drawbacks of buying Chinese goods,” said Parthsarthi Sharma, co-convener of social media cell of Gurugram city RSS.

Sharma said there is no need to buy Chinese products as most of them are made in India as well. He said the government is considering the ill-effects of Chinese crackers, but people should also say no ti Made in China products.

A number of Residents Welfare Associations have also appealed to the residents through social media groups to boycott Chinese products. Several local labour and workers’ unions have also given decided not to buy Chinese goods.

“China is supporting Pakistan, the country which is constantly attacking India. Buying Chinese products means our money is being used for terrorist activities. We will continue the campaign to make people aware of this fact,” said Kuldeep Janghu, general secretary Maruti Industry Workers’ Union.

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