Published On: Wed, Mar 2nd, 2016

Amravati : Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha held; more than 4000 Hindus attend

Women from ‘Bhoomata Brigade’ should enter mosques if they have guts ! – ‘Pujya’ (Kum.) Swati Khadye, Sanatan Sanstha

Amravati : Women activists from ‘Bhoomata Brigade’ were trying to force entry at temple sanctum of Shani Shingnapur and now, on the day of ‘Mahashivaratri’, they are planning to enter sanctum of temple at Tryambakeshwar; but if they really have guts, they should try to enter a mosque rather than any sanctum of a temple, was the appeal made by ‘Pujya’ (Kum.) Swati Khadye in her address during Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha (sabha) held here on 28th February. The ‘sabha’ was attended by more than 4000 Hindus.

Speeches of dignitaries

Unification of Hindus can only help to undertake people’s movement ! – ‘Pujya’ Nandkumar Jadhav, Sanatan Sanstha

We have lost faith in rulers, police, Government administration and journalists, in past few years which are the pillars of democracy; therefore, we have now decided to create awareness against them. Many of you must have had experience of police taking bribes. Many of you must have come across traffic police looting you. Many of you present here might have had experience of police not taking down your complaints or police implicating you under false charges or be a victim of police injustice. If so, please tell us. Let us all get together and fight such evil mentalities. Do not think what I can do alone because a collection of drops creates a lake; so when all people come together, we can undertake a huge people’s movement.

Resolve to make some effort every day towards establishment of Hindu Rashtra ! – Abhijit Deshmukh, HJS

Today, our nation and Dharma face many problems. The only solution for the same is establishment of righteous Hindu Rashtra. Each one of us should make some effort every day towards achieving this goal. Let us make such resolve today.

Auspicious presence

H.B.P. Shri. Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Patashe, H.B.P. Shyamsundar Nichit Maharaj, H.B.P. Ashish Maharaj Asegaon Purna, Swami Shashwatanandaji Maharaj, Acharya Swami Shivachandranandaji Maharaj, H.B.P. Shaligram Kherkar Maharaj, ISKCON’s Shri. Madhupati Dasji Maharaj

Participating dignitaries

BJP’s City-Chief Shri. Jayant Dehankar, Shri. Anantraoji Gudhe, Shiv Sena’s former MP, ‘Bhagava Sena’s Shri. Nitin Vyas, ‘Yoga Vedanta Seva Samiti’s Shri. Manav Buddhadev, Hindu Mahasabha’s Shri. Vikrant Alguje, Shiva-Pratishthan’s Shri. Abhishek Dixit, ‘Bhagave Vadal’s Shri. Atul Khonda


1.As the meeting started, it became cloudy; followed with light showers. It rained in surrounding areas with hail-storm at few places. H. H. Pande Maharaj advised to chant few ‘mantras’ after which it stopped raining. One hour after the ‘sabha’, it rained heavily with hailstorm.

2. ‘Pujya’ (Kum.) Swati Khadye said in her guidance that raining during the ‘sabha’ indicated that God bestowed His blessings over the ‘sabha’.

3.All devout Hindus were responding to speakers’ questions with lot of enthusiasm.

4.Many people joined the meeting held after ‘sabha’ and some of them extended invitation for holding such ‘sabha’ in their villages.

5. Activists of other organizations took part in preparations and later, winding up arrangements.

6. One of the devout Hindus present there said that he had worked with many pro-Hindu organizations. His relatives disowned him due to his joining activities related to protection of Hindutva and he was disappointed; but after attending the ‘sabha’ of HJS, he was feeling assured of obtaining right and true medium for his work.

7.Another devout Hindu said to ‘Pujya’ Swatitai that her getting off the stage and answering all doubts and queries, made him rest assured that Hindu Rashtra would be certainly established. In other public meetings, speakers give speech and leave; but she gave them time; therefore, he thanked her.

100-150 policemen deployed at the venue, try to intimidate !

Rather than deploying such large number of policemen and keeping watch at meetings of ‘Hindutvavadis’, they should devote more time to search terrorists !

There were 100-150 policemen deployed at the venue and they were trying to intimidate people attending the ‘sabha’. (Will police dare to pressurize people during meetings held by non-Hindus ? – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat) The number of policemen was reduced after informing Dy. Police Commissioner and Guardian Minister about the same. Police set camera right in front of the stage and started video-recording the ‘sabha’. A dogs’ squad and bomb detecting squad was also deployed at the venue.

This article was originally published on Hindu Janajagruti Samiti. Read the original article here.

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