The image above is a true statement from the fashion industry: in this sector, cruelty has no limits. Every time you buy a fashion item made from leather – be it a trendy handbag, a piece of comfortable shoes – please think about the tremendous cruelty that stands at the foundation of that product. This petition targets both the Chinese government – who has repeatedly failed to adopt animal welfare laws and has allowed this industry to thrive – as well as consumers worldwide, to take the pledge to go cruel-free and stop purchasing leather products. Please support the campaign and sign / share the petition now!

The shocking image attached to this petition was taken in China, where countless cows are skinned alive for their leather. Their pain can hardly be described in words. In order to prevent these gentle creatures from escaping, often these beautiful animals have their limbs cut off; on other occasions, cows tails’ are often broken and a special powder is sprayed into their eyes, in order to force them to walk to the nearest abattoir (which could be miles away).

Please take the pledge to stop buying leather products and sign the petition today. Consider opting for animal-friendly fashion items. A growing number of designers and fashion companies are offering items made from vegan leather, quality materials that do not harm animals or the planet.

In addition, we hereby urge the Chinese government to take serious action against this outrageous cruelty and enforce animal protection laws that would strictly regulate this industry and will put a stop to this inhumanity as soon as possible. No animal deserves to be treated this way in the name of fashion, no matter what the circumstances are.

More info about the leather industry globally here:

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Cows receiving the worst treatment ever.



Facts about the leather industry #1




Facts about the leather industry #2



Leather is loaded with toxic chemicals to keep it from decomposing in the buyer’s closet


Sign your Petition: China: Cows skinned skinned alive for leather have their limbs cut off to prevent movement!


  1. What is the f*cling purpose of making these poor creatures suffer?!?!???? It does nothing but prove what monsters those so-called humans are. Pieces of sh*t.

  2. How come all these cruelties happen in china and asia what a very cruel race and a disgrace to humans. May god pay you back in only the worst way possible

  3. I’ve been aware of some evil things done to animals before, but this is one of the most heinous. Please stop this, this cruelty is beyond evil!

  4. i don’t think I Will ever understand the minds of sick people. Please stop wearing leather things.Look at the picture of the poor cow with there legs cut off while they are skinned alive

  5. It’s not so hard to give up leather. I did years ago. There are so many substitutes. I prefer canvas type things. And if you must buy leather for work boots, etc, consider buying used, or at least repairing the old ones. I thank you, and the cows certainly do.

  6. Even if you do not agree that we should not use animals if you are a decent human being then you know in your heart torture has no place in a civilized Humane world. I thought we were out of the Dark Ages apparently China is way behind and continues to teach its people that this kind of behavior is okay.

  7. Heartless unfathomable inhuman vile behavior! Totally unconscionable !i already don’t buy leather products but I will now no longer by any products made in countries that allow such horror!

  8. disgusting what is our world coming to when people to these things in the name of fashion or eating animals after they’ve had their throats cut while still alive