Virochana Asura

Virochana Asura is a researcher and poet who lives in the San Francisco Bat Area of California. He grew-up as a Christian in rural Ohio in the 1970's and eventually became a devotee of Lord Shiva. He has several short works on Amazon Kindle, among then 'A Study of Reincarnation in the Upanishads' and three works debunking the Christian missionaries: 'The Goblin Market: A Critical Examination of Missionary Appeals to Hindus,' 'Corinna's Mirror: A Critical Examination of Missionary Propaganda in 'Death of a Guru' by Maharaj' & 'Cutting Shurpanakha's Veil: Challenging the Claims of Missionaries about Vedic Texts.'

By Virochana Asura On Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

A God Who Plays

I would never trust a God who does not play.  This is because ‘play’ represents the simple and spontaneous joy in being.  It is an small eruption into human experience of the absolute freedom of the transcendental More...