Story from life of Sri Sarada Devi – Marriage

Saradamani was very young, when she was married, so young that she could not clearly remember the event. She would afterwards say: I was married when the dates ripen. Within ten days of the marriage, when I went to Kamarpukur, I used to gather dates from under the trees.. Such a little girl married and Sri Ramakrishna giving consent to the marriage! More...

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Sri Sarada Devi – The most loved one in Village

Saradamani was born on 22 December 1853, about seventeen years after the birth of Sri Ramakrishna. Born in a poor family, though the loved of all, she had to do many of the hard house hold duties to help her parents. More...

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The Discovery Of Saradamani – Wife of Sri Ramkrishna

After Sri Ramakrishna had the first vision of the Divine Mother, he was consumed with a thirst to have it constantly. He was like a man who had once had access to an invaluable treasure, but which had again been More...

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An early Life of Sri Sarada Devi

Sarada Devi was born on 22 December 1853 in the little village of Jayrambati in the district of Bankura in West Bengal. Her parents,Ramachandra Mukhopadhyaya and Shyamasundari, were orthodox Brahmins. They were More...