Kashi Moni: Lahiri Mahasaya’s Wife

Although aged, she was blooming like a lotus, silently emanating a spiritual fragrance. She was of medium build, with a slender neck and fair skin. Large, lustrous eyes softened her motherly face.” —Paramhansa Yogananda, describing Kashi Moni, Lahiri Mahasaya’s Wife Lahiri Mahasaya’s grandson (second from right). It was years before I came More...

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By hinduismnow On Thursday, February 16th, 2017

How Lahiri Mahasaya Became a Well-Known Teacher of Kriya Yoga

Unknown to society in general, a great spiritual renaissance began to flow from a remote corner of Benares. Just as the fragrance of flowers cannot be suppressed, so Lahiri Mahasaya, quietly living as an ideal householder, More...

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The Teaching Style of Lahiri Mahasaya

Rarely fortunate, I was able to remain near Lahiri Mahasaya for ten years. His Benares home was my nightly goal of pilgrimage. The guru was always present in a small front parlor on the first floor. As he sat in More...

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The Saint With Two Bodies : Mystical story from Yogananda’s Life

“Father, if I promise to return home without coercion, may I take a sight-seeing trip to Benares?” My keen love of travel was seldom hindered by Father. He permitted me, even as a mere boy, to visit More...