A Story of Acharya Abhayadevsuri

Abhayadevsuri ji has earned immense fame by composing Sanskrit commentaries on 9 of the Jain agamas (Jain canonical literature). These commentaries provide a key to the innermost deep meaning of Jain agama literature. Besides being brief and well-worded, these commentaries depict and discuss many topics. Thus his name ranks at the top of those Acharyas More...

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By hinduismnow On Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

Shivaji : The Warrior King of Dharma

“Ramdas is not complete without Shivaji. To maintain justice and prevent the strong from despoiling, and the weak from being oppressed, is the function for which the Kshatriya was created”...Sri Aurobindo The More...

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Lord Jagannatha’s 1978 Calcutta Pastimes: Part 1 – It Begins In New York

[Editor’s note: The following story is narrated by Mayesvara Dasa, who is a disciple of Sri A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. He had the unique service of building many Ratha chariots for use in temple festivals More...

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Ramayana story: Stone rejected by Rama!

Ramachandra Bhagavan wanted to cross over from South India to Lanka in order to defeat Ravana, and He had to transport the monkey army also. He thought that, as it is He can’t do anything. And He cannot take all More...

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Holy name story: Vibhishana and leaf with name Rama!

The Everyone knows how the Ram Setu was constructed by the Vanaras writing Rama’s name on the rock. The bridge was held afloat by the power of Rama’s name. There is a lesser known story on the power of Rama’s More...

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The Five Great Epics of Tamil Literature

1. The Five Great Epics of Tamil Literature are large narrative Tamil epics according to later Tamil literary tradition, namely Cilappatikāram, Manimekalai, Cīvaka Cintāmaṇi, Valayapathi and Kuṇṭalakēci.The More...

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Ravana story: Ravana meet Vamana!

After taking away everything from Bali Lord Vamana become servant of Bali Maharaj He stood, as a servant, with the Gada in His hand. It is said that Bali’s palace in Sutal Loka, had twelve entrances. Ravana once More...

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Ramayana story: Jatayu sacrifice in fight with Ravana!

In Ramayan, Jatayu was a very old vulture bird. When he met Ravana, he was very old. He was the King of the vultures but not very strong that time. He saw that Sita matha was in trouble and she was calling. Jatayu More...

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The happening of Ramakrishna Paramhamsa – Birth and Beyond

The blessed hour for which Khudiram and Chandra were anxiously waiting at last drew near. In the early hours of the morning of February 18,1836, Chandra gave birth to a boy whom the world was to know afterwards More...

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Ramayana Lila: Lakshman never saw face of Sita!

When Ravana took Mother Sita, she threw her jewellery on the ground so Lord Ram would find it. When Lord Ram found it, He showed it to Lakshmana. He showed the ring, the bracelet, the necklace but Lakshmana did More...