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Children from secondary school to be taught Yoga in Canada !

  • Will Indians learn anything from a foreign school teaching ‘Yoga’ in school ?
  • Why is there so much of apathy towards Yoga in India which is a gift of Hindu Dharma ?

Hindus need to realize that they would have to learn various sciences from Hindu Dharma through foreigners. Do we want to bring shame to us ? Of course, such things are required to be pointed out to Hindus which is also very shameful !

Toronto (Canada) : Central Okanagan School in British Columbia State has started teaching ‘Yoga’ to children from 12th standard class. This class has been named as ‘Yoga and Good Health 12’ and will consist of 120 hours of study of the subject consisting of learning principles and practice of Yoga, Pranayama, meditation, ‘Yoga-sutras’, Sanskrut definitions, spiritual benefits of meditation, recitation of ‘mantras’ and ‘Yoga-sutras’, Ayurveda etc. The curriculum also includes finding and expressing own self. (The drive of teaching ‘Yoga’ to students along with regular studies is most commendable and congratulations to Central Okanagan School for the same ! It is expected that the Central Government would at least now make study of Yoga compulsory by paying no heed to opposition of the so-called seculars and anti-Hindus since Yoga will help children in everything and is capable of bringing total change in their life ! )


This article was originally published on Hindu Janajagruti Samiti . Read the original article here.

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