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Yoga Day celebrations made mandatory in schools : News

State education minister Vinod Tawde has asked schools to celebrate International Yoga Day from this year onwards. Tawde has asked to celebrate this day every year on June 21 as an International Yoga Day in schools.

On Yoga Day in schools, every month:

  • Minister of education also urged schools to celebrate Yoga Day in schools every month
  • “To promote yoga and create awareness about its benefits, schools and colleges should celebrate yoga day every month,” he said to HT
  • To set up all facilities for Yoga Day, district level committees will make arrangements which will be looked after by the state level committees
  • The statement for the celebrations of Yoga Day was issued on Wednesday, June 8

MHRD on Yoga Day in schools:

  • The MHRD in the previous month also laid emphasis on the celebration of Yoga Day on regular basis and its promotion amongst the youth
  • The CBSE board has suggested to make Yoga a graded activity in schools

“We have compulsory yoga for students of Classes 1 to 10, then why do we need to have a separate token celebration every month?” said Deepshikha Srivastava, principal, Rajhans Vidyalaya, Andheri

Mixed reaction from schools on Yoga Day as a regular activity:

“We already have a period for yoga every week. Celebrating yoga day every month will become a little tedious to manage with academics,” said Cynthia Dawson, principal of Swami Vivekanand High School, Chembur.

This is the situation of schools that are very active both academically and co-curricular activity wise for whom such an announcements are like woes

On the other hand some schools are happy about the idea. “We already have one meditation session every week and conducting yoga day every month will benefit students,” said Blasie D’Souza, principal, St Xavier’s High School, Airoli.

Yoga Day celebrations made mandatory in schools : News.

Source: Yoga Day celebrations made mandatory in schools : News

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