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Skanda to dazzle Tongaat

THE highly-acclaimed dance drama Skanda will showcase during the auspicious observance of Thaipoosam Kavady at the Shree Veeraboga Cultural Centre on Saturday, 16 January at 5pm.

The show, which has been brought to Tongaat by the Brake Village Siva Soobramaniar Alayam makes a return after playing to capacity audiences at the Playhouse in Durban in 2015.

The epic dance drama choreographed, directed and presented by Smt Kantharuby Munsamy and Smt Yshrene Moodley takes place a day after Murugan Temples hoist their flags for the commencement of the Thaipoosam Kavady.

Over 50 dancers from the Natya Kalayalayam Academy of Dance come together to bring to life the epic story of Lord Muruga also known as Skanda.

Chairman of the Brake Village Siva Soobramaniar Alayam, Geeva Subrayan said: “We have been blessed to host one of only three shows of the epic, Skanda. The other two shows take place in Durban and Pietermaritzburg, and I must say after watching the dance drama at the Playhouse, it is a must see for all Hindus.”

The show is a fast moving drama which tells the story of Lord Shunmuga or Skanda in a very vibrant and breathtaking production which takes everyone on a spiritual high by the end of the show,

All funds raised from the show goes towards the Brake Village Siva Soobramaniar Alayam’s major Temple Building Project which commenced on 23 November 2015.

“The Alayam must place on record its sincerest thanks and appreciation to two major sponsors for making it possible to host the show in Tongaat such as Jay Alwar of Firecheck and The Muruga Bhakti Foundation of South Africa,” said Subrayan.

Subrayan said tickets are R50 so that as many of the locals can watch this professional production. Tickets are available from the officials of Brake Village Siva Soobramaniar Alayam and all the other temples in Tongaat.


Source: Skanda to dazzle Tongaat | News24

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