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Shocking Video: Minor Hindu girls are forced to adopt Islam in Pakistan – Oneindia

New Delhi, Jan 30: It is established fact that minority Hindus are treated shabbily in Pakistan. They have been denied many basic rights in comparison to majority Muslims in the country.

In yet another shocking news exposing Pakistan’s apathy towards Hindus , it has been revealed that many minor Hindu girls are being abducted by local and they are forced to adopt Islam.

 According to a BBC Urdu report, later these girls are married off with Muslim boys.

Report says that families of these Hindu girls are living in constant fear because of this brutal act of the majority Muslims. Their poignant tale doesn’t end here.

Whenever they complaints about these things to administration, either they are snubbed or being given false assurances.

Presently, around 80 lac Hindus are living in Pakistan . Most of these minority families live in southern province of Sindh.

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