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More Hindu Temples Desecrated in Malaysia

New York, July 14, 2016: More Hindu Temples have been found desecrated in Malaysia triggering anger among the minority Hindu community which is finding itself cornered on these incidents.

On July 10, 2016, Dr. P. Ramasamy informed that the Sri Muneeswarar Temple, Jalan Tengku Kudin, Gelugor was vandalized by unknown perpetrators. Pics as shared by P. Ramasamy below:

Hindu Temples, Malaysia, Desecration, Sri Muneeswarar Temple, Jalan Tengku Kudin, Gelugor

Ramasamy urged the police to speed up the investigation into Hindu Temple desecrations which are increasing alarmingly. The Temple is said to be at least 70-year old and the perpetrators attacked three deities; Shri Ganesh, Sivalingam and Muneeswarar. The statues of the deities were attacked by heavy and sharp objects and the intention was to break them down with force.

To restore the idols it would cost RM100,000.

Today morning, another report by newspaper daily The Star Online says that two more Hindu Temples in Kedah, Malaysia, were desecrated by unknown perpetrators.These Hindu Temples are at least a 100-year-old architectural marvels and are located in the Mahang and the Selma, standing mere 4-km apart.

The Star Online said that it was the caretaker of the Sri Muthumariamman Temple, Mahang, who found a statue removed and smashed on Tuesday morning.

A similar story was found repeated in the Suba Sri Sakthi Kanagavalli Temple in Tong Hurst Estate, Selma, where again it was the caretaker who found a break-in.

The caretaker said that the wooden door leading to the main hall of the Hindu Temple had been forced open in the afternoon, and the statues of two main deities were smashed by the unknown perpetrators.

These perpetrators also looted the Temple of the Jewellery which was kept under the idols in the Hindu Temples.

Hindu Temples have come under attack in Malaysia as the nation struggles with radicalism which is seeing a rise post the success of the Islamic State.

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