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Hundreds of people coming together to practice Yoga in Budapest made for a spectacular watch | The Indian Express

People perform yoga exercises on Freedom Bridge in downtown Budapest, Hungary, Tuesday, August 9, 2016. Yoga instructors held classes for over 600 practitioners on Budapest’s Freedom Bridge, which is closed for renovations, in an effort to popularize the discipline and practice it in a unique location. (Zoltan Balogh/MTI via AP)

Just so you know, it is not just Modiji who gets all excited about Yoga. About 600 people came together to perform Yoga on Freedom Bridge in Budapest recently, in a bid to popularize the practice among people and practice it a unique location. A dozen Yoga instructors rolled out their mats onto the tram tracks of the bridge that is built over the Danube river and held simultaneous Yoga classes for all who participated.The Freedom bridge was temporarily closed for traffic in June, owing to renovation work and has since then become a venue for people to hang out at, host parties and hold small music concerts. A giant Yoga classroom came to life on the bridge when people came together to embrace this healthy way of life and promote it among the masses.

One of the instructors at the event, Judit Varga said they chose the Freedom bridge because a special location has a special vibe, said a media report. One of the participants said the view was an added attraction while they performed Yoga.

Practising Yoga regularly has known to be beneficial not just for the body, but calm the mind as well. Yoga increases flexibility, helps in weight management, improves athletic performance and increases cardio and circulatory health, among other many benefits. With hundreds of people pouring in to perform Yoga and be part of this awareness and promotion drive, the Freedom bridge came to life, brimming with positivity and became a spectacular sight worth watching. Maybe, on the next International Yoga Day, Budapest will have more people taking part in embracing this ancient practice.

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