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Holi to return to USA

Holi, the festival of colors, is returning to the University of South Alabama for its third year on Saturday, March 25.

The annual celebration is organized on campus by the Indian Student Association.

Holi is a Hindu tradition that marks the dawning of the spring season and its resplendent colors and vitality. It celebrates good over evil, new beginnings, and optimism for the future. While vibrant colors are thrown in reference to a symbolic legend, Holi also personifies the hope and love that accompany the spring season, a time to start anew.

“We want people to be open minded, especially in today’s society, and understand that there are differences in culture,” Veena Danthuluri, ISA president, says. “It is hard for many students to blend into society given their diverse backgrounds.”

In essence, Holi is an event that centers around the liberal ideology of acceptance, utterly devoid of defamation with respect to sex, monetary status, gender, age, religion, social circumstance and much more. All of the preconceptions, stereotypes, burdens and negative feelings that seek to define our society are tossed away in the form of colored powder.  By the end of the day, everyone will be a canvas of colors.

The ultimate takeaway message of Holi 2017 is “Let’s connect cultures through colors.”

“We want everyone to feel welcome and to understand that culture can be shared with anyone” Danthuluri says.

Because Springfest, an event in which multicultural students showcase their culture through various talents, exhibits, and fashion, is not happening this year, members of ISA will put on special dance performance for the crowds.

The celebration will be held on Sat., March 25, 11-3pm outside the student center amphitheater. Admission is free and all are welcome to attend. Non-toxic, skin friendly, and safe colors powders will be used. Food of different cuisines and ice cream will also be available to purchase.

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