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Food, firewood distributed to sadhus – Kathmandu Post

The Guthi Sansthan on Wednesday started distributing food and firewood to sadhus (holy men) who have arrived on the Pashupatinath temple premises to observe the Mahashivaratri–one of the biggest Hindu festivals that falls on Friday.

According to the sasthan, 38,000kg firewood was distributed to sadhus and other pilgrims during the festival, and offer square free meals till Saturday, a day after the festival. The sadhus stay awake throughout the night in the Pashupatinath temple area, burning the log and praying the lord Shiva.

Rs 2.4 million has been allocated for the preparations and management of the Mahashivaratri for sadhus this year, said Sansthan Chairman Khima Oli.

Separate areas have been arranged for sadhus belonging to different sects. Ram Mandir, Mrigasthali Gorakhnath, Bhasmeshwor and Nirmal Akhada have already been occupied, according to the festival organisers.

A sadhu (holy man) applies vermillion paste on his face at the courtyard of the Pashupatinath Temple.

The main entrance to the Pashupatinath temple is decorated with lights ahead the Mahashivaratri festival which falls on Friday.

– Post photos: KESHAV THAPA & Milan Adhikari 

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