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The power of yoga: a peace offering to oneself

CHENNAI: The world that we live in today is full of extremists seeking to rule humanity. It’s unfortunate that a majority is controlled by a faction which prefers agitation to get their social, economic, political or religious demands fulfilled. A closer look at the society we live in shows that all of us are now extremists in some sense. Not only is science and technology rushing towards their extremes but other areas such as trade and commerce have also adopted a global form and are becoming multinational and over-expansive.

The increasing use of computers, telecommunications, television, internet, films, print media, is also proceeding towards an information explosion of sorts. Very rapid expansion of cities, air, rail and road transport are all marching towards the extreme end. However, among all other extremes, anger jealousy, hatred, violence, greed and lust are also heading to the tipping point and basic social and cultural units are breaking up. This has, in turn, caused friction due to a lack of feeling of mutual affection and devotion. Under these circumstances, when self-control and moderation have been banished and almost every man has become an extremist of sorts, it is necessary that we learn an art that takes us back to our original state of peace and equipose.

Combined with values, Yoga is the only source of hope for humanity to restore peace. Remember, without practice of yoga, unbridled consumerism and reinless commercialism cannot be kept under checks and balances and neither can man have purity of thought nor peace of mind. A conscious effort to incorporate yoga into our lives is necessary to face all shades of extremism within ourselves and out there in the world.  ­

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