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Mallakhamba – Traditional Pole Yoga

India has contributed the best to the world in all disciplines: arts, music, sciences, languages, spirituality, etc. No doubt that Yoga is one of the greatest contributions to the modern world, given that nearly 30% of the population practices some form of yoga nowadays.

Not yet know to the western world however is the traditional pole yoga: Mallakhamb. Although ancient in nature, it is an emerging form of yoga, on a wooden pole or a hanging rope!

Mallakhamb traces its origin to the times of Hanuman. Living Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains, “The Hanumanji’s history Hanumath Purana clearly it is described He was trained in Malla Khamba by His father. So it has a long history; may be the origin may start from Kailasa. It may start from Kailasa.”

Mallakhamb is so effective in training the body, that it forms an integral part of the 3 weeks spiritual retreat Inner Awakening led by Living Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

“Many of may be thinking,  Mallakhamba and Rope Yoga are physical. No! They work on your internal organs. Understand. The Mallakhamba Yoga and Rope Yoga, they work on your internal organs. The whole India, healthiest people are Maharashtrians – Marathis. It’s a statistics.

So understand the Mallakhamba Yoga works, of course, on physical component also, but it aims on physiological and pschological dimensions.”

A male body should be prepared first in Mallakhamb then in rope yoga, then any energy poured into that body, the kundalini Shakti awakened, will never be lost. It will stay in the system and make itself 100% healthy. A female body should start with rope yoga, to gain flexibility, and then move to Mallakhamb, to gain power. Then if the energy is added into that system, it will not be lost. It will there forever. It will become completely healthy.

Sometimes we can also do the reverse training; means awaken the energy, that energy itself makes you do the Mallakhamba and rope yoga easily. It gives you enough power and flexibility and retains the energy poured in and you become healthy.

Experience the peak of health and manifestation of inner powers during the Inner Awakening program:

Mallakhamb and rope yoga demonstration by Sadashivoham 2016 participants, Bengaluru Adheenam, Bidadi, India.


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