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Master Do we need to worry whom to surrender?

A small Story:

A man decided to surrender to a Master. Where could he find a Master? If he were a modern man, he would have gone on the Internet to see what kinds of Masters are available! Of course, in ancient times there were no websites. So where could he go? He went to the forest. He decided, ‘I will sit by this road. The first person who comes along will be my Guru. I will surrender myself to him.’

Unfortunately, a thief was the first person to come by. This man jumped up and caught hold of the thief and shouted, ‘Oh guru, my Master, you are my God. You have come to save me. God, I surrender everything to you. Please take care of me.’

The thief had just robbed the palace and was running away. He feared that the king’s solders would soon catch up with him. He shouted, ‘No, let me go. Let me alone. I am not your guru!’

The man insisted, ‘No, you are God! You have come to save me. Please don’t say that. Please save me somehow. You are my God, I surrender to you,’

The thief thought, ‘What can I do? What kind of a situation is this?’

Finally the thief agreed, ‘Alright, I am your guru. Now do as I say. Sit. Close your eyes. Don’t open your eyes until I say so.’

The Man said, ‘Perfectly alright.’ He closed his eyes and sat silently. The thief thought, ‘Oh, This is the right time!’ He ran away and escaped from the man.

The man was sitting all the time. One day passed. Another day passed. His courage, willpower and his decision were so strong, he thought, ‘Until my guru returns, I will not open my eyes.’

At that time Shiva appeared in front of him. He gave him darshan and said, ‘O my son, I am pleased by your surrender. Please open your eyes and ask me for whatever you want.’

Without opening his eyes the man replied, ‘No, no, no. You are not my guru. My guru is that man who asked me to sit and close my eyes. When he comes, I will open my eyes. I cannot open my eyes until he comes.’

Shiva said, ‘Hey, I am God. I’ve come down to earth. You don’t know it, but that man you consider your guru is actually a thief. I am God and I’ve come down out of compassion for your sincerity. Open your eyes.’

The man said, ‘No, I don’t care whether he’s a thief or God. I have surrender to him. You must bring him here.’

Then Shiva assumed the form of the thief and spoke to the man in the thief’s voice Then the man finally opened his eyes.

The story says that Shiva blessed him with spiritual grace.

-Excerpt from the book Bhagavad Gita’ demystified by Mahavatar Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swamiji.

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