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VHP leader launches ‘Hindu First’ initiative | The Hindu

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), at a convention held in Ahmedabad on Sunday, launched a “Hindu First” initiative and released a 12-point charter of demands.

“It’s time that Hindus were taken care of totally,” VHP leader Pravin Togadia said releasing the charter.

“First 450 years, then 150 years and now 70 years from 1947 to 2017, Hindus are facing injustice, insecurity, losses and secondary citizen treatment, despite being the majority. Enough … now it is time that Hindus regain all that… ,” he said.

He slammed the governments and authorities for overlooking the interests of the majority community.

The charter includes “buy from Hindu, hire Hindu” and “total safety for every Hindu woman” and elimination of Jihadi terror from the country.

Addressing thousands of VHP workers and volunteers, Dr. Togadia said a Ram temple would be built in Ayodhya. “If special benefits were given to minorities, then why not to Thakors and Patidars in the State?” he wondered, referring to subsidy for Haj pilgrimage and scholarship to minority students.

Shedding low profile

It was after many years that the VHP, which had been keeping a low profile in Gujarat after the 2002 communal riots, and its sister outfits such as Bajarang Dal are organising such events to revive their Hindutva agenda. Gujarat goes to the polls later this year.

“The main agenda of the special convention is to restore Hindu Asmita [pride] at a time when the community is being divided by castes and regions. We want the Hindus to be united,” VHP leader Ranchhod Bharwad said.

Meanwhile, the city roads were plastered with hundreds of posters and hoardings demanding “justice for the cow” in Gujarat.

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