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Karnataka Government’s conspiracy to destroy faith in Hindu Dharma

Udupi (Karnataka) : None of the ‘Mathadheeshas’, Hindu Saints or Dharmacharyas was consulted by the State Government of Karnataka before deciding to pass anti-superstitions Act which shows that it is a ploy to destroy faith in Hindu Dharma. There are many superstitions followed in other religions also but nothing is said about them. Targeting only Hindu Dharma is a matter of grave concern. We strongly oppose to the same. There is no mention about what should be treated as faith or what comes under superstitions. This Act would therefore, be destructive from viewpoint of Hindus’ welfare. It is necessary for all pro-Hindu organizations to unite and see to it that such law is never passed, stated Sri Sri Vishweshwarteertha Swamiji of Shrikrushna Mutt, Pejawar. Devout Hindus met Swamiji in connection with the Act proposed to be passed by Karnataka Government for eradication of superstitions and imposing restrictions on terrible inhuman customs and traditions. Shri. Suprasad Shetty of VHP; Keshav; Raghavendra Acharya of Neelavar Gou-shala; Sriram Sena’s Mohan Bhat, Shri. Harish Padukare of ‘Yuva-Bharat’ Organization; advocate Dinesh Nayak of ‘Hindu Vidhidnya Parishada’ and Ram Shettigar of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti were present on the occasion.


Source: Karnataka Government’s conspiracy to destroy faith in Hindu Dharma – Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

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