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View From The Right: Shrinking Hindus | The Indian Express

An article by BJP MP Tarun Vijay in Panchjanya says the “Hindus are the only community in the world whose global population is declining”. “Not only are they being tortured for being Hindus, their civilian rights are also being curtailed,” he argues. Bangladesh has nearly one crore Hindus, but not one Hindu cabinet minister. “Hindus are attacked and killed there everyday”. In this context, the “exodus of Hindus from Kairana has added a new tragedy”. The article says there cannot be a “bigger tragedy” when “Hindus are forced to migrate due to politics of vote bank” in a “government of the brothers of your own religion”. Such migration is “a challenge to the Constitution”, yet some “sants” approached the Uttar Pradesh governor and “claimed there was no migration of Hindus”. The Hindus are the victims of memory loss and consider “road, water and electricity as the development of civilisation”. The Hindu “does not remember that in Delhi alone they faced massacre on 18 occasions. He does not know the story of the repeated destruction of the Somnath Temple…. He does not know that ISIS has always existed for the Hindus in different forms, which sometimes expels the Hindus from Kashmir, and sometimes expels the Reang tribe from Mizoram,” Vijay argues.
A violent RamzanThe editorial in Organiser comments on the recent “jihad” attacks across the world and says “this was perhaps the bloodiest month of Ramzan we have seen in the recent past”. “From Saudi to Bangladesh the monster of terror in the name of Islamic State is creating havoc,” it says, and adds that these “jihadis” killed “their own Muslim brethren”. “Not long ago, any act of violence in any part of world was associated with al Qaeda,” it says, and underlines “the US intention in creating the Afghan militia”. The editorial argues that, “To defeat the ideological foe during the Cold War, the US armed many groups to prevent the Soviet Union and its agents, client states, and satellites” and it took the Taliban in Afghanistan and the catastrophic attack of 9/11 for the US “to realise the nature of monster they have created to win the ideological war”.
The Organiser writes that, “The Islamic State, which is a direct outcome of false understanding of good terror and bad terror, is spreading in and outside West Asia.” It also notes that “the self-created threats faced by the Saudis are neglected to a large extent”.

“On the eastern side of Bharat, another victim of intolerant version of Islam is facing the curious situation where the IS is claiming the responsibility for violence but Bangladeshi government is in denial mode,” it says.

Immigration imbroglio

The Organiser cover story on the immigrants in the US, says the country “is presently witnessing a verbal spat over the place of immigrants in this country”. While President Barack Obama and “a slew of prominent people have endorsed the entry of immigrants,” presidential-hopeful Donald Trump has attacked “the policies that welcomed the immigrants”. “Many feel that he would take some drastic decisions in this regard, if elected to the White House in November 2016,” it says. “Another major point of controversy is the use of the term Islamic terrorism following the Orlando massacre,” it says, and notes that “Trump attacked President Obama for not using it initially”.

The Carnegie Corporation of New York (CCNY) last week published a three-page supplement — Great Immigrants, Pride of America — in The New York Times. It says the immigrants “have made, and continue to make, our nation strong and vibrant”. “We are committed to helping immigrants become integrated into the civic fabric of our nation because enlightened citizenship is the everlasting strength of our democracy,” the supplement reads.

It lists about 500 achievers, who migrated to the US between 2006 and 2016 and terms them the “Great Immigrants Honorees”.

“The most important feature of this list is that it has 31 Bharatiyas, who migrated to the US from Bharat, and two are of Bharatiya origin, who were born outside Bharat,” it says.

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