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Vaishno Devi yatra: New Tarakote track shall only be used by on-foot Yatris, says CEO – India Today

Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board has clarified that second new track shall only be used by pilgrims for foot movement and there is no plan of board for running battery cars for transportation of Yatris.

The Chief Executive Officer of the board, Ajeet Sahu reiterated the board’s earlier decision to maintain the upcoming track only for on-foot Yatris and clarified, yet again, that there is no plan for running battery cars for transporting pilgrims on the new Tarakote track.

However, it shall also be used for carrying of materials to the construction sites and for emergency evacuation and related purposes. In this context, the CEO stated that the National Green Tribunal (NGT) has also asked the shrine board to use this upcoming track only for on-foot Yatris and an affidavit to this effect has been filed by the shrine board before the NGT.


The CEO informed that the work is in progress on the creation of essential wayside facilities and linking the new track with Darshani Deodi so that Yatris have the option of choosing any of the track for their on-foot journey.

The residents of Purana Daroor demanded for constructing the proposed link from somewhere near the Shamshan Ghat after crossing the existing Darshani Deodi. At present, the link is being constructed around 150 metre away from the Darshani Deodi adjacent to the Army Unit.

The CEO informed the Minister of State, Ajay Nanda and the delegation about the technical difficulties in going with the demand of residents of Purana Daroor. He apprised that the land between Shamshan Ghat and under construction link does not belong to the board and there are various settlements of labourers which would be very difficult to remove and taking up this additional extension of track may delay the project indefinitely.

Besides, the strata of the said portion is loose and may cause landslides, if excavated. The land of the present under construction link is completely with the Shrine Board and very near to the existing Darshani Deodi. The CEO further apprised the delegation that the National Green Tribunal has ordered for early opening of the New track for on-foot Yatris and if the length of link road is increased further the commitment made before the NGT cannot be met. Due to the above constraints, the link is being constructed, at present, near the Army Unit.

The CEO also told the delegation that the School of Planning and Architecture, Government of India, has also been approached for preparing a Master Plan for the shrine area and the Board has directed CEO to take up work to revamp the infrastructure on the old track, including beautification and development of Banganga.

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