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Three Muslims Drowning In Ganga Miraculously Saved After They Hold On To Godess Durga Idol | IndiaTimes

Devotees carrying an idol of Goddess Durga for immersion in a water body on the banks of the Ganges river.

With the festive season in full swing, hordes of crowds are seen at public places, celebrating the festive season. For festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi and Durga Pooja, the immersions of the idols into the sea have to be done with utmost care or can be hazardous to many lives.

In one of such incidents of drowning that happened in Kolkata during the Goddess’ idol immersions, three people almost lost their lives in the sea. However. they clung to a wooden structure of an immersed idol of goddess Durga helped save three people who drifted away after the high tide of river Ganga. According to the police, they were rescued around 8 km away in the city today.

Mohammed Hasim Ali Naskar, 13, Rafiqul Naskar, 25 and Mohammed Aman, 12, lifted wooden structures of immersed Durga idols from river water when they drifted away due to a high tide.

The wooden structure acts as the base on which the clay idol of the goddess is erected. The structures are lifted from the water after immersion and reused.

The three were rescued by joint teams of Kolkata Police Disaster Management Group (DMG) and local police stations.

After receiving the information that the three were drifted away by the strong upstream current, “we alerted all upstream ghats and a search was launched by River Traffic Police and the DMG,” an officer said.

After a three-hour long search, they were found floating clinging to a wooden structure near Kashi Mitra Ghat under the North Port Police Station. “They could have drowned. But they managed to cling to the wooden structure and that saved them. We thank the local people in lending hands in saving them,” he informed.

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