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Strong Hindu repercussion against JNU-Afzal row is seen in India.

No Glorification for Anti-NationalThe largest Hindu Organisation in India, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) strongly condemned the recent demonstration held at Jawarlal Nehru University of New Delhi in support of terrorist convict Afzal Guru with Anti-India slogans. Hard core jihadi criminal Afzal Guru was convicted in the 2001 Indian Parliament attack case and hanged to death on 9 February 2013 on ‘concrete charges’ and ‘proved evidences’.

But, some Pakistan and Subversive Kashmiri Militant supported JNU student organisations mainly from left wings tried to glorify the ‘Terrorist Afzal’ as their “Martyr Guru’. They portrayed the ‘hanging of Afzal Guru as a judicial murder’.  They went radical by saying, ‘Ketne Afzal maroge, Ghar Ghar se Afzal Niklega (how many Afzal do you kill, Afzal will come out from every house’; ‘Azad Kashmir Jindabad, Pakistan Jindabad’; ‘Afzal Hum Sharminda Hai Tere Kaatil Zinda Hai (Afzal we are sorry that your murderers are still alive’ ‘RSS Murdabad’, ‘BJP hay hay’ Bharat tere tukre honge, Inshalla, Inshallah (India will break, if Allah agrees) etc.

It was also revealed that LeT spearhead Hafeez Saeed twitted to back the ongoing Anti-Indian row in JNU.

This irked the RSS backed student organisation Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) and put them in a clash with the Afzal supporters in JNU, creating a hue and cry among the Leftists, Congress and Aam Aadmi Party. The Congress, Communist and the AAP leaders tried for a whitewash the matter and practically stood for the Anti-National, Pro-Pakistan and Afzal supported in JNU. Even Congress and CPM  planned a joint rally in Kolkata with a demand to free arrested Pro-Afzal student leader Kanhaiya Kumar in JNU  row.

RSS All India Media In-charge (Akhil Bharatiya Prachar Pramukh), Dr Manmoan Vaidya said “Leftist led demo at JNU in support of a terrorist convict with anti Bharat slogans on placards is a matter of grave concern. At the exchequer money, instead of studying students involving in anti Bharat activity & some teachers supporting it is serious. Instead of condemning &demanding strict action against anti national activities some political leaders are condoning this act” through RSS official Twitter handle @RSSOrg .

The exposed Congress, Communist and AAP ploy to back Pakistani supporters and anti-Indian elements with a dangerous ambit of ‘rights of expression, opinion and free speech’, has created a rigorous repercussion in the majority patriotic people in India. Though most of them are Hindus, every section of people is protesting against the hub of anti-Nationalism and Pakistani propagators and Kashmir secessionists within the premises in JNU.

When the pro-pak, pro-afzal students raise the slogan: ‘Ketne Afzal maroge, Ghar Ghar se Afzal Niklega (how many Afzal do you kill, Afzal will come out from every house’; Facebook and other social media are flooding with such captions: ‘Ketne Afzal banayoge, Ghar Ghar Ghuske marenge (how many Afzal do you produce, We will kill them all entering every house’.

The situation of JNU is tensed. Various prob on JNU row are in action  to divulge the whole things against the Unity, Integrity and Sovereignty of India.

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