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Protect cultural concept of India: Swamy – The Hindu

The cultural concept of India has to be protected if future emergencies are to be prevented, Bharatiya Janata Party MP, Subramanian Swamy has said.

He was speaking after inaugurating an event to commemorate the imposition of the Emergency organised by the Association of Emergency Victims here on Saturday.

“It’s not enough to just protect your freedom of expression, but you have to protect your values. One thing in this country which is giving you democracy and secularism is the Hindu majority that we have today. You have to defend that majority with all your might. Is there democracy in Malappuram? Is there democracy in Kashmir valley? Is there democracy in Saudi Arabia or any Muslim majority country?

The basic principle of Hinduism that all religions lead to God gives us this democratic character. This temperament of the Hindus who let others have their point of view, that tradition is the core of our democracy,” he said. He said that there is a need to remind people constantly about the dangers of Emergency. Mr. Swamy recollected his experiences during the Emergency when he secretly went out of the country and later came back to make a statement in Parliament.

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