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Monk expresses concern over dwindling Jain population

SURAT: A Jain saint has expressed concern over the dwindling number of Jain community. Acharya Vimal Sagar Suriswar told reporters here on Sunday, “Around 2,200 years ago, Jain population was around 20 crore in the country. This has been noted by the first Rashtrapati in his book too. Dr Krishnalal Banerjee has also made a mention about this in his books.”

Jains were in good numbers in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, Turkey, Hungary, Israel, Mangolia, Afghanistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Tibet, Bhutan and China. There was sizeable population of Jains in South India. Nearly 80 years ago, Jain population in India was 1.25 crore which has come down to 1 crore in the past 40 years, the monk said.
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