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Letter To Jodhpur Collector Requesting Assistance To Pakistani Hindu Refugees


To, Date: 24-12-2012
Gaurav Goyal Ji,


Collector Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India
E-mail: Office: 0291 – 2650322 Res: 0291- 2650344

Subject: Hindu Mahasabha of America (HMSA) request you to assist recently migrated Pakistani Hindu refugees in Jodhpur area.

Hindu Mahasabha of America is a Hindu organization based in USA with members from medical, engineering, IT, legal and business and others areas. HMSA conducts events in USA namely Hindu Sports Day, Hindu Memorial Day and other events and fundraisers for world’s wide Hindu causes like defamation, bigotry and religious intolerance against Hindus. You can get educated about us at below e-mail / phone / address etc.

During his visit to his Jodhpur, I got informed about the recently migrated ~240 (approx) Pakistani Hindu refuges from Pakistan to Jodhpur(Rajasthan, India) composed of which has 120 men, 40 women and 72 children. I visited the site and met them, also a donation of grains (flour and cereals) and chocolates for children were arranged to help those families. A good conversation occurred with them and these Hindu families are appreciative of the work your administration is doing for them like
 Allowing them to reside at Jodhpur and space allocation
 BPL Cards and other administration help

HMSA would like to thank you and administration for helping them!
After further discussion, I learnt that there are two major issues they are still facing:

1. First: These Hindu refugees from Pakistan need a proper land to dwell; currently they are residing on a private plot where the plot owner (thought we appreciates his generosity) many times requests them to vacate, which demoralizes these Hindu refugees and in past they have changes number of locations.
Thus HMSA request you to allot / provide a government land as long term place to inhabit, so that they are stable with respect to residence and can focus on other key surviving issues such as job cards, food and security.

2. Second: These Hindu refugees from Pakistan need a drinking water facility for drinking, cooking food etc. Currently they have to get a water tanker purchased every day which is expensive. If your administration can provide a water tap etc or a pump at their dwelling place (this depends on first point where once they have a dedicated area , they can get utility)

Thus HMSA request your administration to provide a water tap etc or a pump or other water facility at their dwelling place.These brothers and sisters have travelled a large distance from a terror struck and uncivilized religious intolerant country (Pakistan) to this(India) great nation to live in peace, flourish and access the fundamental rights of education, religion. Hence it’s our moral duty to accommodate and provide best of service to our brothers and sisters who share the same culture, heritage and beliefs that of ours.

Regards Rahul Chandra
Secretary, Hindu Mahasabha Of America

Tel: 832-800-HMSA


Source: Letter To Jodhpur Collector Requesting Assistance To Pakistani Hindu Refugees | World Hindu News

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