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Hindus must show their power along with their devotion : Pramod Mutalik

Tuljapur (Dist. Dharashiv) : Hindu Dharma is the symbol of devotion and as per the history, Hindus have never attacked followers of any religion so far although many have attacked Hindu Dharma many times. It is therefore, now time for Hindus to show their power along with their devotion for protection of Hindu Dharma, was the frank opinion given by Shri. Pramod Mutalik, the Founder President of Sriram Sene while addressing in a program arranged on 22nd February, by ‘Shivabaraje Pratishthan’ on the occasion of Shivajayanti.

Shri. Mutalik said further that Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj slayed Afzal Khan who had come to eliminate Hindu Dharma and buried him at the foothill of Pratapgad as mark of bravery. It is unfortunate that now ‘Urus’ is held at this place. Muslims in India have been converted; but they were originally Hindus; therefore, they should be loyal to this country.

About 1000 Hindus attended the program. Shri. Arjun Salunkhe, Founder-President of ‘Shivabaraje Pratishthan’ first welcomed Shri. Mutalik by presenting to him a coconut and an idol of Bhavani Mata.

HJS felicitates Shri. Mutalik at Tuljapur

Shri. Mutalik had gone to Tuljapur for ‘darshan’ of Shri Bhavani Mata. Shri. Amit Kadam of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) felicitated Shri. Mutalik by presenting to him coconut, flowers and photo-frame of Bhavani Mata; besides 2 copies of special issues on Dharmasabha. Shri. Mutalik appreciated activities undertaken by HJS. HJS activists and Shri. Salunkhe of ‘Shivabaraje Pratishthan’ were also present on the occasion.

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