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College begins veda school on campus, kicks up a row

TRICHY: In a controversial move, National College Trichy (NCT), an aided college, on Sunday launched a residential `Veda Padasala’ (veda school) on its campus inviting strong rebuke from the Association of University Teachers (AUT). The teachers have termed it a violation of government rules and an effort to please the BJP-led government at the Centre.

The move is also alleged to be an attempt by the college management to revive its plan to start a private school on the premises which was stayed by the high court on an appeal by AUT.

Planned as an extension activity by NCT management, the six-year programme is meant for children in the age group of 9-15 to study the vedas and their various branches. Classes would be run by Dr R Kalamegham Centre which has a department called Sri Sarguneswarar Veda Padasala.

The veda school was inaugurated along with a six month certificate programme for undergraduate students on “Indian Culture, Heritage and Vedas” as an add-on course.

A separate facility has been provided on the college premises to run the residential programme.

“Unilateral initiation of such a programme on the college premises is in violation of the Tamil Nadu Private Colleges Regulation Act (TNPCR Act) (1976),” charged AUT unit secretary and professor at NCT M S Bala Murugan.

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