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Chhindwara Dist Collector in Madhya Pradesh asks people to worship their parents on Valentine’s Day.

In Madhya Pradesh, Chhindwara Dist collector JK Jain has called on the youth in the district to celebrate February 14 as ‘Matru Pitru Pujya Divas’ to promote ‘a sense of devotion’ among youth.

In a letter addressed to the people of Chhindwara, Jain claimed that the purpose is to instill a sense of reverence towards their parents.

He also said that the event would be celebrated across educational and social institutions with great fervour, and has requested people to promote it across households, villages, communities and towns. “I have appealed especially to the youths to observe February 14 with their parents and stay away from the western culture,” the letter of the Collector said.

As per the order, “All educational and social institutions in the district are directed to observe this day (as ‘Matru-Pitru Pujya Diwas’) and it is expected to be organised in a grand manner at home, family, village, city and colony level.”

The letter of the Collector (vide no 1197/Varist Lipik/2017 dt. 06/02/2017) has been sent to all Govt and Govt sponsored Colleges and PG colleges, Dist. Educational Officer, Dist. Coordinator of Schools and Edn. Institutions, Govt. and Non Govt. High and Higher Secondary Schools and to the Dept. of Information and Publication, Chhindwara Dist.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated all across the world on 14th February every year. It has also faced stern opposition from various organisations in India.

It is seen that for last 7-8 yrs, many Saints, Seers and Hindu organisations have been opposing the valentine day menace in India on 14th Feb, pointing out its harmful effect on new generation and Indian culture.

__Input from PTI.

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