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Banks go on extended holiday from Shivratri

RANCHI: Banks here remained shut on Friday for Shivratri adding an extra holiday this weekend. They will remain closed on Saturday, which is the fourth Saturday of the month when bank employees get leave. This will be followed by Sunday which is a day of weekly closure.

After remaining open on Monday, the banks will again shut on Tuesday as part of their nationwide cease work

Bank officials said ATMs will remain open and will have enough cash.

Dileep Saha, general secretary of All India Punjab National Bank Officers’ Association, said, “We demand adequate compensation for our effort during demonetisation. The government is trying to make banks weaker. Public sector banks are social entities and comparing us to commercial banks is not acceptable.”

The string of bank holidays on the other hand may inconvenience people. Riddhi Bandopahyay, a businessman in the city, said, “This was bound to happen as bank employees have never worked so hard as they did during the initial days of demonetisation. There is still a daily limit of cash withdrawals from ATMs. We were not prepared for the sudden strike.”

There were others who raised their concern about similar situations. Amit Dutta said, “The rate of work has slowed down a lot, I opened an account three weeks ago, but don’t have my cheque book or ATM card yet. I have just started using an e-wallet now.”

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