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Baba Ramdev’s plan to manufacture swadeshi jeans gets a designer twist | Times of India

Samant, who has worked with handloom denim in the past and conceptualised a range of Jodhpur pants made of handloom denim, confirmed that the subject of ‘swadeshi jeans’ was broached with him, and things were supposed to go forward after a meeting at Haridwar.

“It was in December that I got a call from someone asking for my profile, and then he connected me to a close aide of Acharya Balakrishna, who is the CEO of Patanjali, and they did ask me about the work that I did with handloom denim in the past.

They are working on their line of denim, and I think for that, they have been looking for designers who have worked with the fabric or Indian textiles. I was told that they would want to have a meeting with me about handloom denim and the meeting was supposed to be in Haridwar.

They were keen on a meeting in January, but I was travelling and busy with a few other projects, so we haven’t discussed anything further so far,” Samant tells us.

We’re closely watching to see who finally wields their scissors on these desi denims, and if they’re going to replace the Baba’s robes as his preferred choice of attire.

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