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100 nations, 145 cities in India rise as one

Chennai: As a prelude to the Second International Yoga day, around 100 countries across the world along with 145 cities in India welcomed their Sunday with Surya Namaskar as part of the ‘Sun Never Sets on Yoga’ campaign yesterday.

Organised by The Art of Living ,the campaign envisioned the Surya Namaskar traveling around the world for 24 hours as groups of people from different geographies came together to practice this ancient yogic technique.

This magnificent event spanning five continents witnessed the world literally wake up to yoga.

Participants performed sun salutations in front of prominent landmarks including India Gate, Art of Living International center, Bangalore, Worli Sea link, Chittorgarh fort, Zahran palace (Jordan), Patan Durbar square (Nepal), Lion City (Singapore), Victoria Harbor (Hong Kong) and other locations in Beirut(Lebanon), Belarus, Russia, New Zealand, Bhutan, Taiwan, Kazakhstan hallmarking the comprehensiveness of this ancient technique.

A year earlier, on 13 June, 2015, around 88 cities across the world participated in the campaign. Just like the Sun, Yoga is age-old and yet ever-new.

“It  is a holistic way of life that integrates all elements  to make a prayerful discipline uniting the body, mind and soul,” shares Kamlesh Barwal, Global Head, The Art of Living Yoga.

On 21 June, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will open the International Yoga Day Celebrations at the European Parliament, Brussels by leading the parliament members through a guided meditation at the prestigious Yehudi Menuhin Hall. He will also lead a series of public events on Sudarshan Kriya, yoga, and meditation in the cities of Washington DC, Boston, Columbus, Minnesota, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle as well as the United Kingdom.

In India, free yoga camps have been conducted across 61 districts in partnership with CCRYN.  Over 20,000 people are expected in the IYD programme on 21 June to be held in Delhi, while every State is reaching out to people to encourage participation in the yoga routine.


Source: 100 nations, 145 cities in India rise as one | News Today

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